Company Services & Equipment

Re-entry Services (WHIPSTOCK)

We offer the re-entry Systems designed for one trip , permanent or retrievable, packer or anchor, hydraulic set or mechanical set systems for cased or open-hole, and/or combinations of most of the aforementioned. The systems are compatible with all types of well designs from 4-1/2” thru 18-5/8” Casings, from vertical and horizontal. The flow through a valve allows us to orientate utilizing an MWD and hydraulically set the packer/anchor in one run. The unique design of the ASM’s mills allows you the opportunity to request a rat-hole with the confidence you have a full gauge window.

Wellbore Cleanup

ASM’s multifunction (Rotating and Non-Rotating )mechanical wellbore cleaning tool designed to assist in removing any solid material or debris present

in the casing wall and meet all challenging downhole environments, the unique chemicals solutions (casing and Tubing Pickles) assuring no scale, Pipes dope, debris or any other solids left in hole during the displacement job.

Thru Tubing, Fishing and Milling.

Our goal is to provide customers with solutions for thru-tubing intervention, big hole fishing, down hole equipment rental and milling services , providing a high quality, reliable equipment and engineering, customer focused personnel; project engineering.

Whatever challenges you face ASM would relish the opportunity to offer a cost effective solution that meets all of your needs. ASM can help you to avoid repeating past mistakes by selecting the right equipment for the job and getting

the job done, on time, safely and with less cost.

Down Hole Equipment Rental:

ASM’s equipment rental segment offers a wide range of down hole equipment rental for drilling, completion, fishing and milling operations, a big fleet of drill collars (steel and Non Mag), stabilizers (bladed and Welded), float subs, circulating valves (single and multi-acting), roller reamers, under reamers, hole openers, clod and hot casing cutters, big fishing packages, drilling jars, shock subs, Cross-overs, subs and Others.

Internal & External Catching Tools

Successfully retrieve drill casing, tubing, or other obstructions.

Jarring Assemblies

Use jars and bumper subs for stuck pipe, packer retrieval, tubing removal, and debris recovery.

Washover Shoes

Free stuck pipe in the well bore by cutting away and circulating out obstruc

Junk Baskets

Retrieve even the smallest and most stubborn debris from the hole .

External Casing &Retrieving

Quickly repair damaged casing or tubing strings without reducing Inside Diameter.

Milling Tools

Clean out restrictions with taper mills, bladed junk mills, conebuster mills, pilot mills, and section mills

Reaming tools

Under Reamer, Roller Reamer and Hop opener.


Sever single or multiple strings of casing or drill pipe.

Casing Backoff

Back off uncemented casing stumps after a section has been cut and retrieved.

Safety Joints

Ensure parting ability if the work-string gets stuck in the well-bore during fishing.