About us

About Us

Initiated as ASM Trading in Dubai in the year 2007, which later grew as ASM International Trading LLC . Our number one priority is to provide quality equipment and outstanding customer service. From knowledgeable personnel to uncompromising service, we hold the vision to expand the company’s abilities with innovative technology. Over the time, ASM evolved as one of the most sought out company in UAE offering well Intervention, down hole drilling rental, drilling jars and fishing services worldwide. With enhanced machine capabilities, well-executed acquisitions and internal growth, we have succeeded in broadening the operations and technologies of ASM internationally. Nevertheless, commitment to safety, usage of quality equipment and quality of service offered remains constant right from the beginning. With Fishing Services, Thru Tubing Fishing Services, Down Hole Drilling Rental Services, Performance Drilling Services, Whipstock Re-Entry Services, Wellbore clean-up system and other services lined up, Eastern Oilfield Equipment has become one of the largest privately held rental and fishing Tools Company in the Region. “People make difference” Yes, the group of experienced professionals at ASM the basic building block of its success. With rich 100+ years of experience in oil and gas industry.

Vision And Mission Statement

Vision – To become the world leading in Oil and Gas services.

Mission Statement – We will maximize the value to our shareholders and customers in the oil and gas industry through the provision of high quality and innovative well services