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Re-entry Services (WHIPSTOCK))

We offer the re-entry Systems designed for one trip , permanent or retrievable, packer or anchor, hydraulic set or mechanical set systems for cased or open-hole, and/or combinations of most of the aforementioned. The systems are compatible with all types of well designs from 4-1/2” thru 18-5/8” Casings, from vertical and horizontal. The flow through a valve allows us to orientate utilizing an MWD and hydraulically set the packer/anchor in one run. The unique design of the ASM’s mills allows you the opportunity to request a rat-hole with the confidence you have a full gauge window.

Thru Tubing- Fishing and Milling
Thru Tubing, Fishing and Milling.

Our goal is to provide customers with solutions for thru-tubing intervention, big hole fishing, down hole equipment rental and milling services , providing a high quality, reliable equipment and engineering, customer focused personnel; project engineering.

Whatever challenges you face ASM would relish the opportunity to offer a cost effective solution that meets all of your needs. ASM can help you to avoid repeating past mistakes by selecting the right equipment for the job and getting

the job done, on time, safely and with less cost.

Wellbore Clean UP
Wellbore Clean-up

ASM’s multifunction (Rotating and Non-Rotating )mechanical wellbore cleaning tool designed to assist in removing any solid material or debris present

in the casing wall and meet all challenging downhole environments, the unique chemicals solutions (casing and Tubing Pickles) assuring no scale, Pipes dope, debris or any other solids left in hole during the displacement job.

Fishing and Tools rental Services.
Down Hole Equipment Rental

ASM’s equipment rental segment offers a wide range of down hole equipment rental for drilling, completion, fishing and milling operations, a big fleet of drill collars (steel and Non Mag), stabilizers (bladed and Welded), float subs, circulating valves (single and multi-acting), roller reamers, under reamers, hole openers, clod and hot casing cutters, big fishing packages, drilling jars, shock subs, Cross-overs, subs and Others.

ASM Solutions

ASM International Trading is a diversified oilfield service company based in United Arab Emirates (Dubai). The Company is a global supplier of products and services used by operators during drilling of oil and natural gas and other industrial markets. Our core business is as a leading supplier of premium products and services to the oil and gas, exploration and production industry. We are also equiped to serve other industries such as the petrochemical industry. ASM International Trading has a long standing company history in oil and gas services, projecting a foundation of experience, with a defined philosophy and mission that continues to propel us and our clients into the future.

Quality & Safety

If it’s Quality you are looking for, We are second to none! ASM international Trading is a company dedicated to leadership, integrity and excellence besides quality and safety. This atmosphere sets high standards for our employees and customers through innovation and expertise in the industry. At ASM, every employee is highly experienced and well-trained, assuring exceptional professionalism in the services we offer. Our exceptional Quality Management System tests every tool to ensure proper functionality. In addition, the computerized inventory system enables us in tracking the equipment globally. We give equal importance to safety and quality in everything that we do. We make efficient use of resources and processes to provide high standard products and service that makes our customers content. Incessant enhancement and implementation of products, processes, services and Quality Management System is the factor that makes Eastern Oilfield the most preferred brand in the industry.

Safety First, ServiceNext !

Fundamental safety training offered to our employees, task-specific training will also be provided when applicable. In a company where people make difference, nothing is more important than the safety of our people, the basic building block of the company. As part of safety measures, ASM’ Safety Program was initiated to meet the safety needs of our employees and the people working with and around us. Also, Eastern ASM enables its employees at all levels to work diligently in incorporating the safety policy of ASM thereby maintaining environmental and health protection to all living beings.

Support Facilities

ASM International Trading has support facilities all over the world in key areas involved in Oil & Gas exploration. This allows us to provide the best service close to our clients.

ASM Offices

Saudi Arabia – United ArabEmirates – Oman – Turkey – Iraq

We are all set to serve people globally. ASM International Trading offers its products and services to customers operating all-round the globe. We have customers all in Africa, Europe, Caspian, Asia Pacific and Middle East. In addition, Eastern Oilfield Equipment operates from facilities in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The professional experience and expertise have enabled ASM in offering high standard services domestically and internationally.